Class Types



Our Spin class offers riders of all levels a variety of movements and techniques that will develop over time and continuously challenge you! The foundation of the Spinning program comes from road cycling and the Spinner bikes have been carefully and thoughtfully designed to resemble a road bike with adjustability to accommodate a wide range of riders. Guided by an instructor, motivated by music and controlled by you, Spinning is the perfect low-impact, high-intensity workout for everyone!!



Full-body, cardio+toning workout on a mini trampoline or "rebounder". We use only the highest quality trampolines in our studio for the best and most effective rebounding workout possible. Rebounding has countless benefits including cardiovascular endurance, muscle strength, bone strengthening, low-impact, lymphatic draining, detoxification, improved mood, improved immune system & energy, increased focus and attention, regulated sleep cycles, and so much more! In any class, you will burn as many (or more) calories as you would during a 5 mile run - without the stress on your joints. The class includes cardio segments mixed with upper body, lower body, and core/stomach toning and strengthening segments. The result is a fun, safe, and effective class you can only experience at Balance!


A full-body strength and cardio workout that #werks the whole body. This class utilizes suspension trainers and your own body weight to build strength, gain balance and core stability, find better mobility+flexibility in joints while working in all planes of motion!


METABOLIC CONDITIONING! It’s just a fancier word for an extended HIIT session with mixed intervals of cardiovascular conditioning and strength training with bodyweight, kettlebells, dumbbells, rowers and so much more! Be prepared to master your squat, lunge, hinge, push, pull and press movement patterns.


Mat Pilates is a great workout designed to improve physical strength, flexibility and posture. Isometric movements typically performed on the mat in a seated or laying position that will focus on stabilizing the core and will tone and tighten a focused group of muscles. We also offer Cardio Sculpt and will incorporate our TRX suspension trainers, light hand weights, Pilates toning balls, magic circles and sliders for challenging moves!


Relax, restore, get powerful and build strength with our amazing Yoga teachers! Different style flows and themes will keep your body challenged and your mood always lifted. Every month we will feature a special, 90 minute Extended Session or #werkshop that will encourage you to elevate your practice and create the opportunity to experience a new move or method! Mats and blocks available but feel welcome to bring your groovy gear!