When should I arrive? Please arrive approximately 10 minutes prior to class time for registration and payment (if you have not paid via online scheduling beforehand). 


What should I wear? Wear what is most comfortable to you. Athletic apparel is recommended for easy movement. Comfortable, athletic footwear is required for TRX, Kettlebell Crosstrain and Bounce. During Pilates and Yoga, you may choose to wear socks or go barefoot.


What should I bring? We have mats, equipment and towels in the studio and water is available to purchase. You are able to bring your own necessities, of course, if you would like and we provide an area for safe storage!


How do I sign up? We recommend reserving spots via our online scheduling system at least 2 hours before the start of a class. This can be found on the website under "Classes" -> "Schedule". Here, you can also purchase class packages and memberships. Just purchase the option you would like, and you can start reserving the classes you would like to attend. You are also welcome to drop in before the start of a class if there is space available, but please arrive at least 10 miutes early if you are dropping in.


What if I am late? Depending on the class style, the instructor will assist in preparing you with a brief warm up. If there is a waitlist, your spot will be given to those present. 


What if I have to leave early?  We recommend finishing the workout to adequately stretch and cool down, but if you need to leave class at any time, the instructor will assist with any equipment that needs to be put away so you're able to exit with little interruption.